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One of the Best Books on What Larger Firms & Organizations can improve:

“Life is a journey to see how big our hearts can get.” Jason Shulman.

Ken Miller writes, “this book is that religion – my beliefs and worldview on increasing . . . capacity to do good… and I want to share that religion with all the zealotry of a recent convert.”

"C-Y-A" is the fundamental building block of complexity. With unskilled work force, we must design a job that’s so simple, nobody could mess it up. When we chop up work into many small, simple pieces, the process then involves a lot of coordination and a lot of handoffs and a lot of management. Task simplicity – process complexity.

All the King’s Horses: “It is a consequence of what we call the Humpty Dumpty School of organizational management. Companies take a natural process, such as order fulfillment, and break it into lots of little pieces – the individual tasks … then, the company has to hire all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to paste the fragmented work back together again. These king’s horses and king’s men have titles such as auditor ... controller liaison, supervisor, manager and vice president. They are simply the glue that holds together the people who do the real work – the credit checkers, the inventory pickers, the package shippers. In many companies, direct labor costs may be down, but overhead costs are up – way up. Most companies today… are paying more for the glue than for the real work – a recipe for trouble.”

How does your company see people? Unskilled, uneducated, and unworthy of your trust, or vice versa?

If you are interested in joining VEDU PLC to serve clients and our community and do more good - let's get in touch. My goal is to ensure we have the best technology and checklists to standardize our processes and services but not at the expense of initiative, strategic thinking and decision-making.

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