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Licenses, Reputation & Property Rights

Privileges, licenses, certificates, and franchises ... qualify as property interests for purposes of procedural due process. This is because, once issued, a license or permit “may become essential in the pursuit of a livelihood.”  Because permits and licenses relate to the maintenance of a person's livelihood, [s]uspension of issued licenses ... involves state action that adjudicates important interests of the licensees."  Therefore, once issued, a license or permit cannot be taken away by the State without due process. North Atl. Sec. Co. v. Blache, 2020 WL 6588946 (M.D. La. Nov. 10, 2020).

VEDU PLC started its journey protecting regulatory environment in which businesses and professionals must operate. As a former Assistant Attorney General, I have been responsible for ensuring businesses are properly licensed and follow state regulations in the areas of consumer protection, required licensing, reporting and other requirements.  Understanding public regulatory environment is the key to thriving in it.

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