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Business Disputes & Fraud Prevention

“The art of arguing is the art of living.  We argue because we must, because life demands it, because, at last, life itself is but an argument.” Gerry Spence

In a perfect world, conflict is nothing more than a process of defining and re-defining boundaries toward a mutual win-win scenario.  VEDU PLC will use the sheer force of numbers, accounting systems and strategic approaches to protect your interests.  VEDU will represent you in any commercial or insurance dispute that you may have. The past clients included owners of real estate who overpaid or lost a deal, general contractors, small to large businesses seeking to collect on their accounts, consumers who were overcharged or defrauded, suppliers who were sued by buyers, nursing homeowners who sought to terminate their partnerships, lessors who needed to hold lessees accountable on subleasing agreements.  

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